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Any Order Size

Aluminum Surface Technologies is able to meet your needs whether your order size is small or large.

Solutions for All Metals

We provide proven surface solutions for all metals, and specialize in the treatment of aluminum products.

Protect your Equipment

We understand the extreme environments your equipment operates in and are here to help you protect it.
We provide proven surface treatment solutions for all metals.


Our coatings reduce metallic abrasion & wear.
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Corrosion prevention available for all types of metals.
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Reduced friction increases equipment longevity.
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Mold Release

Improve mold release permanently.
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Key Industries We Serve

Food & Candy

Reduce unscheduled downtime and maintenance issues with industry-proven metal enhancement finishes.

Oil & Gas

Components perform beyond expectations - from off-shore environments to in-ground equipment.


Three decades of experience with auto component processing including high volume and special projects.


Industry standard finishes as well as special processes compatible with modern power generation equipment.