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 Conversion Coating is a treatment of aluminum that increases its strength
 and allows the components to be painted.

When painting metal parts, the units often require time consuming and costly preparation. When dealing with aluminum, the paint can also remove the protective qualities of the metal itself. For a more durable product, AST can perform Conversion Coating to your aluminum components that require paint and corrosion resistance.

Conversion Coating is trivalent chromium surface layer that increases protective qualities and electrical conductivity. By converting the coating of your aluminum components, you will save time and resources by having a part that has the necessary colouring and stronger properties.

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  • A trivalent chromium surface coating.
  • Ideal for customers who need to put paint or lacquer on aluminum.
  • Solves issues with corrosion and electrical conductivity.

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 Food & Candy Automotive Energy Oil & Gas Other

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 Top Features



Maintains conductivity on aluminum


Increases corrosion resistance


Increases top coat adhesion


Processing available to spec GMW16721


    • Allows topcoats and paints to be applied to aluminum

    • Our monthly test panels pass 168hrs salt spray required by MIL5541 (Alodine T5900 only, Alodine 5200 does not provide corrosion protection)

    • Treated surfaces remain electrically conductive


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