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Food grade hopper treated with release agent

Our food grade metal treatment ensures smooth operation in this cheese packaging facility.

Food Safe Mold Release Agents

Not all mold release agents are safe for machinery in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. With our extensive testing, industry experience, and customer feedback, we offer the industry leading solution to food safe mold release.

Food Safe Metal Finishing

At Aluminum Surface Technologies, we have several food safe metal finishings that increase release efficiency, improve washdown performance, lower friction, and protect against wear and abrasion.

These finishes are commonly used on cookie rollers, candy molds, powder chutes, feeder trays, baking pans, liquid valves, flour hoppers and packaging equipment. Be sure to ask our specialists about how our permanent release agents can help you achieve your efficiency and savings goals.

Steel / Stainless / Copper / Brass

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Low friction surface
  • High mold release for plastics & rubbers

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  • Excellent Wear & abrasion resistance
  • Dry film lubricity
  • High mold release

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Aluminum & Steels

  • Wear Protection
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Excellent mold release at high temperatures

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