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Lectrofluor is your top solution for all metal types that have issues with adhesion, mold release, and corrosion.

Lectrofluor is a series of polymer-based coatings applied to your machinery. It is an especially beneficial solution for customers who:

  • Have mild steel components in high-moisture environments
  • Using metal parts that are exposed to chemicals
  • Are molding epoxies, plastics, and rubbers
  • In need of FDA compliant and/or Canadian Food Approved variants.

By applying Lectrofluor to your units, you will experience an increased production throughput and reduction of downtime.

Many of our clients deal with materials that stick to their machines, leaving residues and adhesives that cause downtime and low throughput. This leftover debris can be corrosive and remove non-stick properties causing parts to need frequent replacement, which can quickly become expensive. At AST, we can apply Lectrofluor to any metal part to facilitate an excellent resistance to corrosion and adhesion, as well as long-lasting mold release properties.

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  • A polymer-based surface enhancement coatings for metal parts.
  • Solves problems with adhesion, mold release, and corrosion.
  • Increases production throughput and reduces downtime.

Industry Type
 Food & Candy Automotive Energy Oil & Gas Other

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 Lectrofluor Variants for Different Situations

Top Features

Primarily for the food industry.
Provides greatly enhanced non-stick and chemical resistant properties.

FDA Compliant


Top Features

Similar to 605 with superior anti-friction properties.

FDA Compliant


Top Features

Enhanced mold release, exhibits superior resistance to chemicals.
Wear at temperatures from –400°F to +550°F.

FDA Compliant


Top Features

Enhances all Properties and Functions to 850ºF.

FDA Compliant


Not sure which coating to use? We’ll help you choose the right Lectrofluor variant to protect your metal parts from sticking and corrosion.

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