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Nedox is your solution for all metal types in danger of abrasion, corrosion, sticking and galling.

Nedox is a superior alternative to hardcoat anodizing. It is a series of synergistic metal finishing coatings that not only increases the hardness of the metal, but also has self-lubricating qualities. Nedox is an especially beneficial solution for customers who are:

  • Replacing a part that requires steel properties on the surface.
  • Interested in increases the hardness of a metal part.
  • Experiencing production inefficiencies due to having to reapply free-coat lubricating agents for mold release and friction reduction.
  • Using metal parts that operate under high RPM loads, are exposed to chemicals, and/or moisture.
  • In need of FDA or CFIA compliant variants.


By applying Nedox to your units, you will experience a much more efficient production process and long-lasting materials.

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  • A finishing that adds superior physical qualities to inexpensive metals.
  • Solves problem with premature wear, corrosion, mold release, and friction-related issues.
  • Facilitates a more efficient production process.

Industry Type
 Food & Candy Automotive Energy Oil & Gas Other

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Ideal Applications
  • Aircraft
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical processing equipment
  • food processing
  • Heat sinks
  • Meters (gas & electric)
  • Molds (release agents)
  • Packaging equipment
  • Pharmaceutical processing
  • Pumps
  • Sealing equipment
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Valves
Examples of NEDOX Coatings in Use


Cookie Molds

Cookie Molds

lipstick mold parts

Lipstick Mold Parts

blow-mold PET bottles

Blow-mold PET Bottles

 Nedox Variants for Different Situations

Top Features

Hardness (up to Rc 68) combined with lubricity.
NASA material #20386.

USDA/FDA compliant


Top Features

Excellent for resistance to wear and corrosion.
Hardness of coating can be varied based upon specific requirements.

FDA Compliant


Top Features

Excellent mold release for plastics, urethane epoxies and rubber.

FDA Compliant


Top Features

Enhances all Properties and Functions to 850ºF.

FDA Compliant

We’ll help you choose the best Nedox variant to keep your metal parts protected and production running smoothly.

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