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 Tufram outperforms hardcoat anodizing and is the ideal solution for protecting aluminum components from abrasion, corrosion, sticking, and galling.

Tufram is an enhancement finishing that makes aluminum harder than steel and has self-lubricating qualities. It is an especially beneficial solution for customers who are using aluminum parts that are:

  • Operating under a high RPM
  • Experiencing premature component failure
  • Exposed to reactive chemicals
  • Molding epoxies, plastics, rubbers, or food products
  • In need of FDA compliant and/or Canadian Food Approved variants.


By applying Tufram to your units, you will have a strong, long-lasting component that is designed to outlast untreated aluminum.

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  • A superior alternative to hardcoat anodizing for aluminum parts.
  • Solves problems with friction, corrosion, mold release, abrasion, and premature wear.
  • Creates a tough aluminum product that is designed to outlast untreated parts.

Industry Type
 Food & Candy Automotive Energy Oil & Gas Other

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 Why is Tufram better?

Tufram Aluminum Finishes


Excellent wear and abrasion resistance


Low friction surface with dry film lubricity


High mold release for plastic and rubbers

 Tufram General Properties

    • Permanently dry lubricated with low Coefficient of Friction
    • Dramatically increase surface hardness
    • Up to Rc 65

    • Increases resistance to a variety of chemicals and hostile environments
    • Some variants have salt spray resistance that measures in thousands of hours as per ASTM B117

    • Reduces sticking and product “hang-up”
    • Improves mold release for a variety of products such as baked goods, candy, pills, plastics, urethane epoxies, rubber and composites

    • Designed to prevent erosive wear, galling and seizing, even under extreme pressures and zero gravity
Ideal Applications
  • Threaded members and other close tolerance components
  • Mold release applications
  • Vacuum systems requiring non-outgassing components
  • Guide rails
  • Wafer chucks
  • Turbines
  • Nip rollers
  • Food processing
  • Automotive
  • Household appliances
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aerospace
  • Semiconductors
  • Mining and defense
Examples of Tufram Coatings in Use
GM Tufram
Bottle Molds
Roller Guide
Pneumatic Shifter
Wafer Chuck
 Tufram Variants for Different Situations

Top Features

Ehances Wear Corrosion Release and Friction Properties.

FDA Compliant


Top Features

Excellent Mold Release for Plastics and Rubbers.

FDA Compliant


Top Features

For Very High Wear and Friction Applications.


Top Features

High Chemical Resistance and Excellent Mold Release.

FDA Compliant


Top Features

Enhances all Properties and Functions to 850ºF.

FDA Compliant


We’ll help you choose the best Tufram variant to give your aluminum parts
the toughest protection they’ve ever had.

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